Nina Bang
Works and lives in Oslo
She studied at Statens Kunst og Håndverkskole ( KHIO)( 1976-79) and at Statens Kunstakademi (now KHIO) (1981 – 1986 and 1989-90). Her work includes several media, like paintings, graphic prints, digital print, neon and video.

Nina Bang explores nature processes meeting with technology in an ecological perspective. In her work she often use transparent media, where awareness of the present lightconditions and the subjectivity of the human perception process are important elements.

In addition to various exhibitions; e.g. at Baerum Kunsthall, Trafo Kunsthall, Atopia, Kunstnerforbundet, Tegnebiennalen, Høstutstillingen and Kunstbanken, Nina Bang has been working with site spesific art projects. For example large integrated elements of art at Sam Eyde high school in Arendal, at The Regional Hospital in Bodø, the office of the national Auditor General in Oslo. She currently works with a comprehensive art project for Emmaboda Muncipality, Sweden


– om Nina Bangs kunstnerskap
Av Marius Meli

Born 1956 in Oslo, Norway
Lives and works in Oslo
2012- 2013 Art Theory (KHIO)
2002-2003Art Critics I and II (KHIO)
1988-1989Oslo National Academy of Fine Art (now KHIO)
1982-1986Oslo National Academy of Fine Art (now KHIO)
1976-1980Oslo National College of the Arts (now KHiO)
2018NEON ARGON KRYPTON Group Exhibition Bærum Kunsthall, Bærum, Norway
2017"Pyramide" Galleri BOA, Oslo.
2017"Sudden Shower" Atopia Kunstlab, Oslo. With Per Hess
2016Kunstplass 10, Oslo (solo)
2012"Red List Red" Atopia, Oslo (solo)
2010"True Color" Galleri LNM, Oslo
2009"Extinct in the wild" Galleri Trafo, Asker (solo)
2008"Rykk tilbake til start". Gallery 0047, Oslo. With Per Hess
2007Hedmark Art center, Kunstbanken, Hamar (solo)
2003"Time and Displacement" Mobile Gallery
2003"View" Night Gallery / Nattgalleriet, Kr.sand, Norway, (solo)
2002"Biennal of Drawing" -2002 Tegnebiennale, Gallery F15,Jeløy, Moss, Norway
2000"View" Art Association / Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway, (solo)
1998Oslo Art Society- Oslo Kunstforening,Oslo, Norway (solo)
1995-1996«Landschaft/ Landskap», Norway / Germany
1995, 1992, 1991, 1989, 1987, 1984Østlandsutstillingen, Norway
1995, 1990, 1985, 1984Statens Høstutstilling, Norway
1995Art Association – Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway (solo)
1993Oslo Art Society – Oslo Kunstforening Oslo, Norway –(solo)
1991«Nordic Identity / Nordisk Identitet», Århus, Danmark
1991«Triennale Vilnius», Vilnius, Litauen
1990Oslo Art Society – Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway (solo)
1990UKS` Spring Exhibition, Norway
1989Holst Halvorsens Kunsthandel, Oslo, Norway – (solo)
Public Art / Commissions
2019UPCOMING: Emmaboda health clinic, Emmaboda, Sweden
2016Riksrevisjonen / Office of the auditor General of Norway, Storgt. 14-18, Oslo, Norway
2014Hurum Council Hall, Hurum, Norway
2014Nordland Hospital, Bodø, Norway
2013Aquarama, Arendal, Norway
2012Sam Eyde High School, Arendal, Norway
2010Det Norske Oljeselskap, Trondheim
2010Lillesand Public School, Lillesand, Norway
2010Bårliskogen Children's School, Strømmen, Norway
2009Hauketo Public School, Oslo, Norway
2008Sandane culture centre, Sandane, Norway
2006University of Stavanger, Norway
2005Rød Public school, Fredrikstad, Norway
2005Kongsvegen High School, Mo i Rana, Norway
2004Lillehammer Hospital, Lillehammer, Norway
2004Kongsvegen High School , Mo i Rana, Norway
2002Rosenvilde High School, Bærum, Norway
2001Ministry of Fish, Oslo, Norway
2001Klukstuen Hospital, Hamar, Norway
2000Korsvoll Public School, Oslo, Norway
1998Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Norway
1998Norwegian Road Museum, Fåberg, Norway
1996Bjørkås Hospital, Kolbotn, Norway
2006University of Stavanger
2006National Museum of Art
2005Norwegian Road Museum
2001Official Fund of Public Art -Utsmykkingsfondet
2000Collection of Oslo Mucipality
1995Nord-Trøndelag County – 1993 Onsøy Mucipality
1989Collection of National Gallery
1989Collection of Museum for Contemporary art / National Museum, Oslo Norway
1984Norwegian Council
1984Østfold County
Grants / Prices
2019Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards grant
20192017 BKV project grant
2017BKV project grant
2016Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards grant
2016BKV project grant
2004Oslo City Culture Grant
1999Norwegian States working grant, 1 year
1997First Price in competition of public art in Harstad/Narvik Lufthavn
1996-1999Norwegian States working grant, 3 years
1996Norwegian States travel or study grant
1990Norwegian States travel or study grant
1990First price of the Art club, Statens Høstutstilling
1987UKS Grant
- 2000Norwegian States yearly warranty grant
1999, 1995, 1995, 1999, 1993BKV grant
2019Cite Internationale des Arts, Studio program, Paris, France
2006Circolo Scandinavo – Skandinavisk forening, studio program, Rome, Italy
2000Cite Internationale des Arts, studio program, Paris, France
1999Circolo Scandinavo – Skandinavisk forening, studio program, Rome, Italy
Tegnerforbundet / Assosiation of Drawers
LNM / Assosiation of painters
NBK Norwegian Pictorial Artists Assosiation BOA / Artists in Oslo and Akershus
2010-2011The National Grant Jury
2010-2001Member of the Board, Oslo Art Society
2001Norwegian Coucil, jury for Exhibition Grant
1996-1994Oslo Art Academy Jury Exhibition Grants
1993-1991UKS / Young Artists Assosiation, member of the jury
1991-1989UKS / Young Artists Assosiation, member of the board
1991Oslo Art Academy, member of the jury
Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norwegian University of Life Sciences – Einar Granum Kunstskole, Oslo tegne og Maleskole

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